Contract Dashboard

3314358-A2 Veritas Netbackup support and maintenance and training 2013-007301 (FA633401) CN 2579 $1,800,808.72Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2015-12-23 Data#3 Limited
3340123-A5 Contractor Costs $399,870.19Future Fund Management Agency 2016-04-18 The Next Step Recruitment Company (VIC) Pty Ltd
3299968-A5 Provision of Web Hosting Solution Services $7,910,015.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-10-21 SMS Consulting Group Ltd
3312375-A2 Leasing desktop equipment through the WoAG desktop $1,034,791.44Australian Taxation Office 2015-11-06 DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3300387-A9 Purchase of Information Technology Services - HR System $3,582,144.96Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2015-10-07 AURION CORPORATION PTY LTD
3292366-A8 Delivery of training *Cost is an estimated maximum, services required are subject to APS demand* $478,267.00Australian Public Service Commission 2015-09-01 Bendelta Pty Ltd
3492036-A2 BASE SERVICES RE-TENDERING 2012 - REQUEST FOR TENDER $178,659.80Department of Defence 2018-03-08 AUGILITY
3567018 Hardware $12,304.60Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-12-18 Gulanga Group Pty Ltd
3479574-A3 Industry Expert for the Technical Advisory Committee for the review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) $67,500.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-01-11 Expressive Therapy Clinic Pty Ltd
3563838 Training Services $16,553.75Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2019-03-05 Quest Event Pty Limited