Contract Dashboard

3464439 Repair of Valve Solenoid. $25,849.57Department of Defence 2017-05-30 H I FRASER PTY LTD
3464446 procurement of military spares $41,426.00Department of Defence 2017-10-11 AEROSPACE COMPOSITES PTY LTD
3464453 Soldier personal radio accessories $3,610,864.40Department of Defence 2017-10-10 EYLEX PTY LTD
3464476 Repair Military Vehicle $19,358.56Department of Defence 2017-08-23 ZF AUSTRALIA PACIFIC PTY LTD
3464477 Harness Safety Swimmer's $58,942.40Department of Defence 2017-10-12 JAMES FISHER AUSTRALIA T/A JFD
3464489 Weapon Spares $18,757.20Department of Defence 2017-10-12 MILTECT PTY LTD
3464490 Repair of Military Vehicles or Components $38,435.50Department of Defence 2017-09-21 MITCH'S DIESEL SERVICES PTY LTD
3463656 Power Supply Compliance Testing $13,150.50Department of Defence 2017-10-09 COMTEST LABORATORIES PTY LTD
3463657 Structural Substantiation Program Finite Element Model Develpment FY 17-18 $251,542.50Department of Defence 2017-10-09 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3463677 Aircraft spares $12,892.63Department of Defence 2017-09-19 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD