Contract Dashboard

3634217 Air Warefare Division Combat System Services and Materials $139,327.10Department of Defence 2019-09-24 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3634596 Truck Repair $13,109.31Department of Defence 2019-09-30 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3601019-A1 Procure Special Military Equipment $46,377.38Department of Defence 2019-06-17 SAGE AUTOMATION PTY LTD
3634570 Military Equipment Repairs $25,688.10Department of Defence 2019-10-01 THALES AUSTRALIA
3634598 Immersion Suits $44,932.80Department of Defence 2019-08-20 ALLTECH MARINE PTY LTD
3634364 Linux Incident Response Training $60,477.45Department of Defence 2019-11-04 NTT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3634321 Security Alarm System Upgrade $71,068.80Department of Defence 2019-10-28 HONEYWELL LIMITED
3634658 Arms and Ammunition Accessories $13,428.80Department of Defence 2019-10-03 MILSPEC MANUFACTURING PTY LTD
3634204 Light weapons and ammunition $735,134.40Department of Defence 2019-10-15 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3634650 Mast accessory kit $36,886.52Department of Defence 2019-09-30 EYLEX PTY LTD