Contract Dashboard

3520977 Commonwealth Park and Patrick White Lawns -Consultancy (Landscape Arch) for design, documentation and construction administration for paths and replacement of furniture and surrounds. $108,790.00National Capital Authority 2018-03-27 Redbox Design Group
3521087 Commonwealth Park Furniture Replacement Works – Supply of Furniture $137,570.40National Capital Authority 2018-04-03 UAP Australia Pty Ltd
3521266 Parliamentary Zone - Moveable Picnic Tables- Construction services $106,370.00National Capital Authority 2018-05-21 Weldcraft Group Pty Ltd
3521281 NCA contribution to Acton Penisula Carpark Extension $400,000.00National Capital Authority 2018-06-08 National Museum of Australia
3356499-A1 Skin Checks $63,400.00IP Australia 2016-07-01 SMG HEALTH PTY LTD
3516910 Building Lease to CSIRO - Crace, ACT $45,136,219.00CSIRO 2002-06-20 Gunyar Pty Ltd
3516915 Building Lease to CSIRO - 770 Blackburn Road, Clayton, VIC $4,351,718.50CSIRO 2009-02-01 Monash University
3516920 Building Licence to CSIRO - Herston, QLD $699,682.50CSIRO 2009-07-28 University of Queensland
3516945 Building Lease to CSIRO - Werribee - South Road, VIC Site $3,431,042.00CSIRO 1996-05-01 VIC Department of Primary Industries
3516946 Building Lease to CSIRO - Bentley, WA $23,288,424.00CSIRO 2001-07-31 WA Government