Contract Dashboard

3536644 Procurement of Ship Valves. $14,503.50Department of Defence 2018-08-16 SONARTECH ATLAS PTY LIMITED
3536645 Procurement of Ship Hoses. $10,289.84Department of Defence 2018-08-16 CHIEF FLUID SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3536646 Fire Extinguishers Knapsacks $62,040.00Department of Defence 2018-08-16 CHUBB FIRE AND SECURITY PTY LT
3536647 Cable assembly for antenna system. $20,476.50Department of Defence 2018-08-16 MASER DEFENCE PTY LTD
3536648 Sampler Kit $46,096.60Department of Defence 2018-08-16 KENELEC SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD
3536649 Repair of Material handling equipment $15,277.00Department of Defence 2018-08-15 BALE DEFENCE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3536650 Hose Assembly $29,168.37Department of Defence 2018-08-15 CHIEF FLUID SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3536651 Routine re-supply for a ship $13,347.68Department of Defence 2018-08-15 DEFENCE SEALS PTY LTD
3536652 Surveillance and detection equipment $41,456.09Department of Defence 2018-08-15 POINT TRADING
3536653 Repairs to material handling machinery and equipment $64,560.40Department of Defence 2018-08-14 RIGHTQUIP PTY LTD