Contract Dashboard

3463448 Software Licence $484,154.94Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-06 Red Hat Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
3463449 Heavy Duty Wind Speed / Direction Sensor $12,182.50Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-11 Observator Instruments Pty Ltd
3463451 Contract Labour Hire - Agile Coach $98,752.50Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-03 CMC Group Holdings Pty Ltd
3463471 Pollen Monitoring $119,930.80Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-13 University of Technology Sydney
3463473 Pollen Monitoring $24,750.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-13 Macquarie University
3463474 Pollen Monitoring $1,134,570.80Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-15 The University Of Melbourne
3463476 Pollen Monitoring $248,065.40Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-28 Deakin University
3464276 Purchase of HR Analytics Package $32,780.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-06-30 Chandler Macleod Ltd
3464277 Career Manager Configuration and Training $17,600.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-09-04 Chandler Macleod Ltd
3461174 Construction Manager - Building 73 Rejuvenation $480,000.00CSIRO 2017-09-05 Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd