Contract Dashboard

3591952 Lubricating oil $119,790.00Department of Defence 2019-05-03 BOEING DISTRIBUTION SERVICES INC
3591953 Spare Parts for Rough Terrain Vehicles (RTV) $59,277.46Department of Defence 2019-05-03 BALE DEFENCE ENGINEERING SYSTEMS
3591954 Procurement of electronic modules $27,966.31Department of Defence 2019-05-03 AMS DEFENCE PTY LTD
3591955 Repairs to fluid distribution equipment $14,404.06Department of Defence 2019-05-02 ROYAN TRUCK and TRAILER REPAIRSP
3591956 Handle $13,091.48Department of Defence 2019-05-02 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PT
3591957 Water testing kit $14,630.00Department of Defence 2019-05-02 WILHELMSEN SHIPS SERVICE
3591958 Equipment Storage $51,252.58Department of Defence 2019-05-01 ALLIED TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL
3591960 Inspection and Repair of Specialised Vehicle $21,225.02Department of Defence 2019-05-03 RPC TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3591963 Spare Parts $12,641.20Department of Defence 2019-04-29 BALE DEFENCE ENGINEERING SYSTEMS
3591964 Batteries for communication equipment. $28,974.00Department of Defence 2019-05-03 AUSLEC INDUSTRIAL