Contract Dashboard

3488763 Aircraft in service support contract $27,133.19Department of Defence 2018-02-08 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3488766 Professional Engineering Services $31,079.12Department of Defence 2017-12-05 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3488840 Air Command and Control Capability Systems Capability Upgrade $1,592,747.20Department of Defence 2018-02-23 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3488874 Vehicle chassis $25,685.00Department of Defence 2018-02-20 SUPA F SERIES SPARES
3488877 MOAS handling equipment $16,606.16Department of Defence 2018-02-20 THALES AUSTRALIA
3488878 AE2100 Engine Parts $29,637.30Department of Defence 2018-02-20 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3488885 Repair of Aircraft Spares $11,625.89Department of Defence 2018-02-21 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED
3488886 Researching deficient Integrated Logistic Support for Safety Systems. $41,981.94Department of Defence 2018-02-28 ASP SHIP MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3488887 Overhaul of Equipment $312,685.60Department of Defence 2018-01-24 THALES AUSTRALIA
3488890 Motorcycle's $212,896.11Department of Defence 2018-02-22 PETER STEVENS MOTORCYCLES PTY LTD