Contract Dashboard

3346168-A2 ICT contractors $948,877.60Department of Social Services 2016-07-01 Encore IT Services Pty Ltd
3349053-A2 Contact Centre Software - Workforce Management $494,867.98Department of Jobs and Small Business 2016-06-01 CALL DESIGN PTY LTD
3353572-A7 Video Conferencing Hardware, Maintenance and Fitout Services $10,977,260.60Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016-06-22 Telstra
3358525-A6 Fanning River - claim for compensation $425,512.60Department of Finance 2016-06-24 Aust Govt Solicitor
3342389-A2 ICT contractors $311,420.00Department of Social Services 2016-07-01 Mosaic Recruitment
3346227-A2 ICT Contractor Services $522,379.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2016-07-01 COMPAS PTY LTD
3367621-A2 Provision Of IT Contractor Services $843,674.75Australian Taxation Office 2016-08-30 CANDLE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3374037-A5 ABS Data Acquisition $24,487,539.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016-06-27 Accenture Australia Pty Ltd
337578-A11 Enterprise Service Management Centre (ESMC) Contract - services including a single point of contact service desk for IT and end-to-end service management and integration across the ATO. $232,728,836.36Australian Taxation Office 2010-09-10 Abacus Innovations Aust P/L (Leidos)
3380428-A3 Information technology project management services $725,175.00Future Fund Management Agency 2016-10-17 Hossie Consulting