Contract Dashboard

3476487-A2 DIR ICT Services Panel $572,220.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-12 SOUTHERN CROSS COMPUTING PTY LIMITE
3476676-A2 Project and Program Management Support $2,597,915.11Department of Health 2017-12-20 PROTIVITI PTY LIMITED
3480506-A3 Lead Remediation Consultant for the Industrial Was $2,190,536.81Department of Finance 2017-12-18 Senversa Pty Ltd
3480682-A2 Remediation, including storage and digitisation of physical records stockpiles $1,366,400.01Department of Defence 2018-01-08 IRON MOUNTAIN AUSTRALIA GROUP PTY LTD
3486164-A1 Printer, photocopier and facsimile accessories $32,293.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-02-19 Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
3488364-A2 Resource Augmentation $4,395,706.87Department of Human Services 2018-01-08 Accenture Australia Pty Ltd
3507490-A2 Server Transition $1,038,820.00Department of Health 2018-03-02 Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd
358778-A43 Provision of Centralised Computing (CC) Services. Novated 01.12.2016 to ENt Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 16 612 896 527 $1,532,941,443.92Australian Taxation Office 2010-12-17 Ent. Services Australia Pty Ltd
462873-A7 114811 - Provision of Software (Maintenance and Licencing) $11,538,790.68Department of Home Affairs 2011-12-01 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Northrop Grumman International Trading, Inc.
3299968-A3 Provision of Web Hosting Solution Services $7,864,211.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-10-21 SMS Consulting Group Ltd