Contract Dashboard

3453297 REPAIR OF WATERCRAFT $13,950.00Department of Defence 2017-08-24 MARINER, RODNEY
3453298 Aircraft Spares $20,949.50Department of Defence 2017-08-23 MERCK MILLIPORE
3453299 REPAIR WAR VEHICLES $15,640.20Department of Defence 2017-08-23 MARATHON TYRES PTY LIMITED
3453301 Cartridge dehydrator $20,212.50Department of Defence 2017-08-23 DRAEGER SAFETY PACIFIC PTY LTD
3453308 STANDING OFFER WITH OEM $263,481.44Department of Defence 2017-08-22 XTEK LIMITED
3453309 procurement of military spares $24,684.00Department of Defence 2017-08-22 AEROSPACE COMPOSITES PTY LTD
3453310 Energy Dissipating Material $132,103.84Department of Defence 2017-08-21 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3452691 Aviation Insurance $480,600.87Department of Defence 2017-08-30 AEROSURE ASIA PACIFIC PTY LIMITED
3452695 Contractor Support for Procurement & Contract Mtg $499,210.01Department of Defence 2016-11-04 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3452700 Negotiation Services $31,330.90Department of Defence 2017-08-23 SCOTWORK NEGOTIATING SKILLS