Contract Dashboard

3505079 Platinum Hardware maintenance and support for Nuta nix appliances 1 Year $54,335.60Department of Defence 2018-02-26 QIRX PTY LTD
3505080 Satcom Equipment $62,293.08Department of Defence 2018-05-04 SED SYSTEMS^A DIVISION OF CALIAN LT
3505089 ICT Server Hardware $1,852,978.93Department of Defence 2018-05-04 HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE
3505090 Mess Roof Replacement $1,096,466.80Department of Defence 2018-05-03 PATTEMORE CONSULTANTS
3505092 Structural Remediation Works for Wharves $4,277,478.29Department of Defence 2018-05-03 DDR INDIGENOUS CONTRACTORS
3505093 Woomera Water Supply Infrastructure Works $1,811,323.68Department of Defence 2018-05-03 DDR INDIGENOUS CONTRACTORS
3505094 Cyber Security Training $1,478,400.00Department of Defence 2018-03-01 UNIVERSITY OF NSW ADFA UNSW@ADF
3505095 Four (4) MER CIS eDLAN Formation Variants $7,676,941.14Department of Defence 2018-05-04 THALES AUSTRALIA
3505065 Shipping containers $25,080.00Department of Defence 2018-05-03 ROYAL WOLF TRADING
3503941 Repair of Military Vehicles or Components $22,666.51Department of Defence 2018-04-23 DRIVETRAIN POWER AND PROPULSION