Contract Dashboard

3628208 Technical services $37,692.24Department of Defence 2019-08-22 UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
3628228 Computer Equipment $141,900.00Department of Defence 2019-09-11 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3629018 Telecommunications services $15,716.20Department of Defence 2019-09-10 COBS TELSTRA
3628407 Rapid entry boarding system $17,579.10Department of Defence 2019-09-05 BALE DEFENCE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3628157 Hardware services $20,918.86Department of Defence 2019-09-11 CLEAR BALLISTICS
3622544-A1 Science Partnership Event $106,510.24Department of Defence 2019-08-01 WHITE MARQUEE EVENT HIRE GROUP UNIT TRUST
3559933-A1 Construction support services $2,200,000.00Department of Defence 2018-12-10 THALES AUSTRALIA
3628420 Truck Repair $34,637.39Department of Defence 2019-09-02 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3628198 Load Cells $69,055.99Department of Defence 2019-09-13 APPLIED MEASUREMENT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3628497 Liquid Foam 200 Litre Drums $19,470.00Department of Defence 2019-09-06 ANSUL DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE