Contract Dashboard

3586905 Desktop Hardware $21,758.00Department of Human Services 2019-03-15 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
3586906 ICT Hardware $212,474.35Department of Human Services 2019-03-14 Acer Computer Australia Pty Ltd
3586907 Chairs $39,380.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-09 Sturdy Components Pty Ltd
3586908 Chairs $42,064.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-02 Baseline Commercial Furniture
3587905 management of event $50,000.00Department of Defence 2019-02-01 JT PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3587906 Gartner Subscription $1,360,370.00Department of Defence 2019-04-01 GARTNER AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3587907 Software, maintenance, support and services $12,517,843.82Department of Defence 2019-04-10 RED HAT ASIA-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3587908 ICT Hardware Sanitisation Equipment Acquisition for FY 18-19 $164,972.50Department of Defence 2019-04-08 KOBRA SHREDDERS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3587909 purchase of specialist equipment $1,524,594.73Department of Defence 2019-05-01 INMARSAT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3587910 Audio Visual Equipment $16,552.77Department of Defence 2019-04-29 SERVICEPOINT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD