Contract Dashboard

3627966 Leadership Capability Building $71,500.00IP Australia 2019-09-02 CollectiveIQ
3627958 Components for Information Technology $22,165.00IP Australia 2019-09-13 Technology Core Pty Ltd
3627959 Public administration and finance services $127,431.00IP Australia 2019-07-01 Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
3627963 Professional Recruitment Services $27,500.00IP Australia 2019-09-04 ABC Analytics
3627960 Online database information retrieval systems $31,898.00IP Australia 2020-01-01 iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd
3627957 Leadership Capability Building $50,000.00IP Australia 2019-09-16 CollectiveIQ
3627761 Provision of facilities management at the East Burwood repository $168,605.76National Archives of Australia 2019-07-01 Resolve SFM Pty Ltd
3627648 Provision of IT annual maintenance and subscriptions $17,260.19National Archives of Australia 2019-09-15 Communications Design and Management Pty Ltd
3628043 Education and Training Services $52,310.00National Indigenous Australians Agency 2019-08-08 AUSTRALIAN CHILDHOOD FOUNDATION
3608603 Project management $349,800.00NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission 2019-07-10 Grisard Consulting