Contract Dashboard

3628892 DATA VOICE/MULTIMEDIA NETWORK EQUIPMENTT/PLATFORMS & ACCESS $16,078.66Department of the Treasury 2019-08-14 Cirrus Networks (Canberra)
3459296-A2 Audit Services $78,000.00Department of the Treasury 2017-10-01 Elizabeth Maria Montano
3356620-A2 Building support services $62,796,000.00Department of the Treasury 2016-06-01 BROADSPECTRUM PROPERTY PTY LTD
3628893 SOFTWARE $205,075.00Department of the Treasury 2019-09-16 Microsoft Pty Ltd
3628898 Management Advisory Services $34,481.70Department of the Treasury 2019-09-18 Forcefield Services
3628894 PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS $11,020.00Department of the Treasury 2019-10-01 The Institute of Actuaties Aust
3628897 Online Database Information Retrieval Systems $121,797.50Department of the Treasury 2019-10-01 Bureau van Dijk Electronic
3627747 External Legal Advice $39,214.39Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-08-28 AUS GOV SOLICITOR(CENTRAL ACCOUNT)
3627673 Content design work to revise three sections of the Anzac Portal. $10,560.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-08-14 MICHAEL JOHN WEAVER TA MWRITING
3627729 Mandatory background checks undertaken by the ACIC of new staff on behalf of DVA. $30,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-07-01 AUSTRALIAN CRIMNL INTLLGNCE COMMSSN