Contract Dashboard

3639076 Spare parts $309,242.34Department of Defence 2019-10-22 XTEK LIMITED
3639283 Digital Camera Equipment $29,535.00Department of Defence 2019-11-01 FUJI FILM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3638461 Vehicle Spares $24,725.61Department of Defence 2019-10-30 FFG FLENSBURGER FAHRZEUGBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH
3638484 System Safety Course $36,300.00Department of Defence 2019-06-25 EDI SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3639334 MSSP Course - Maritime Law and Regional Strategic Issues. $41,179.98Department of Defence 2019-06-17 ANCORS
3638493 Ultra FP SAT2/UAT Support $34,773.13Department of Defence 2019-10-31 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3621106-A1 Cisco Quality of Life Hardware $756,257.61Department of Defence 2019-08-16 INMARSAT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3639121 Fuel injector $57,486.13Department of Defence 2019-10-23 RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLE
3639194 Pilot Flight Equipment $11,289.35Department of Defence 2019-11-01 SURVITEC GROUP AUSTRALIA
3638662 Computer Equipment $21,560.00Department of Defence 2019-11-04 APOLLO TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD