Contract Dashboard

3468281 Refurbishment of a Building $223,710.30Department of Defence 2017-10-27 V2R PROJECTS PTY LTD
3468400 Strategic accommodation review services $194,535.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 JACOBS GROUP (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3468813 Repair of Surveillance and detection equipment $26,859.98Department of Defence 2017-10-31 XTEK LIMITED
3468804 Grease $13,278.62Department of Defence 2017-11-01 A.S. HARRISON AND CO PTY LIMIT
3468809 Hydraulic fluid $34,939.87Department of Defence 2017-11-01 INTERCHEM PTY LTD
3468025 Bull & Bear Career Management Services $79,000.00Department of Education and Training 2017-10-08 BULL AND BEAR SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS P
3468806 Repair of Watercraft $16,435.14Department of Defence 2017-10-31 WESTRAC EQUIPMENT PTY LTD
3468843 Repair of Military Vehicles or Components $28,948.98Department of Defence 2017-11-03 SIGMA COACHAIR GROUP
3469196 Assessment of sports drug testing service options $27,500.00Department of Health 2017-11-15 ROJO Advisory Pty Ltd
3468376 Gate 1 to 2 Probity Advisor support to JP2096 Phase 1 $41,580.00Department of Defence 2017-11-02 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR