Contract Dashboard

3481593 Loose Furniture packages $215,872.80Geoscience Australia 2017-11-03 Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd
3481594 Temporary Personnel - Laboratory assistant $38,600.00Geoscience Australia 2018-02-05 Staffing and Office Solutions Pty Ltd TA SOS Recruitment
3481595 Temporary Personnel $23,113.60Geoscience Australia 2017-11-20 Hays Personnel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
3481596 Maintenance of Emergecy Management Web Services $11,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-01-16 OXIDE INTERACTIVE PTY LTD
3402943-A1 Software Tester $213,957.21IP Australia 2016-02-18 Finite IT Recruitment Solutions
3415265-A1 Enterprise Resource Planning $1,997,028.00IP Australia 2017-03-31 Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd
3442921-A3 Purchase of ICT Services $348,860.00IP Australia 2017-07-01 Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd
3460293-A1 Professional Advice - architect services $1,058,288.00IP Australia 2017-09-12 DAVENPORT CAMPBELL & PARTNERS PTY LTD
3473179-A1 Professional Recruitment Services $298,723.92IP Australia 2017-09-08 INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
3442875-A1 Specialist Education and Training Services $243,000.00IP Australia 2017-07-04 YURAS BUSINESS GATEWAY PTY LTD