Contract Dashboard

3453595 Methan thermometry $42,850.00Geoscience Australia 2017-09-01 Isotomics, LLC
3453598 Keep River (NT) Land and Water Resource Investigation $53,655.80Geoscience Australia 2017-08-30 Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
3447632-A2 Ground South West Staging Construction $316,094.27Geoscience Australia 2017-07-14 Ausland Property Services Pty Ltd
3453353 Procurement of scanning and digitisation services $22,308.00National Blood Authority 2017-07-26 Grace Records Management
3453372 Artwork Rental $28,105.00Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2017-10-01 Artbank
3453373 Labour hire $71,500.00Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2017-08-28 Callida Resourcing Pty Ltd
3453375 Network Access Control System $25,180.68Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2017-09-01 Lalyer 127 Pty Ltd
3453376 Labour hire $65,250.00Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2017-09-11 HiTech Group
3452508 Translation and Interpreter services $10,725.00Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2017-11-27 Oncall Interpreters & Translators
3453832 Labour Hire $115,830.00Department of Human Services 2017-08-22 McArthur (Qld) Pty Ltd