Contract Dashboard

3500897 Hardware for Preproduction environment $900,305.04Department of Defence 2018-04-18 TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
3500898 Calibration and service of specialist diving equipment $26,176.92Department of Defence 2018-04-18 PRESSURE TESTING SERVICE
3500899 Aircraft Spares $109,336.38Department of Defence 2018-04-17 LEONARDO SPA AIRCRAFT DIVISION
3500900 Design analysis for communications system on HMAS Choules. $229,489.79Department of Defence 2018-04-18 L-3 COMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA P/L
3500901 Procurement of deployable breathing air purifier $418,919.60Department of Defence 2018-04-17 THE AIR DOCTOR
3500902 Design of the Visual Landing Aid System for HMAS C houles $89,291.08Department of Defence 2018-04-17 AERONAUTICAL & GENERAL INSTRUMENTS
3500903 Additional infrastructure to support the productio n of Aeronautical Information $89,694.00Department of Defence 2018-04-23 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3500904 Uninteruptible Power Supply $31,182.80Department of Defence 2018-04-17 UPS SOLUTIONS
3500905 Tender evaluation support services $160,519.00Department of Defence 2018-04-17 COMMERCE DECISIONS PTY LTD
3500906 Software Licence $14,932.50Department of Defence 2018-04-17 COMPUTER TRANSITION SYSTEMS