Contract Dashboard

3454807 Provision of program review services (Australia) $47,038.74Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2017-09-14 MCEWAN, PATRICIA
3454418 Contract for Service $189,000.00Department of Health 2017-09-08 James Robert Hillman
3454420 Testing Services $55,000.00Department of Health 2017-08-03 RPM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3454426 Cabling and electrician for the National Wifi Rollout in Melbourne $12,207.05Department of Health 2017-09-25 STABLE PROJECTS
3450668 Office furniture $638,273.90Department of Social Services 2017-08-28 Zenith Interiors (ACT) Pty Ltd
3451287 Contractors $322,608.00Department of Social Services 2017-09-26 Paxus Australia Pty Ltd
3453437 Provision of Leadership Development Training $77,000.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2017-08-28 Team HR (Australia) Pty Ltd
3453438 technical report on recovery of Macquarie Marshes $109,657.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2017-09-01 Griffith University
3453439 Legal & litigation support $57,600.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2017-07-11 Australian Government Solicitor
3453441 Online Services Testing $250,000.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2017-07-01 Dialog Information Technology