Contract Dashboard

3323933-A2 Procurement of AIR 5428-1 Pilot Training System $1,013,204,558.93Department of Defence 2015-12-08 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3601511 Chemicals for water purification $23,515.30Department of Defence 2019-06-06 PALL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3429897-A3 TD Combat System, Deputy TD Combat System & Platform T&E Manage $9,171,920.26Department of Defence 2017-05-29 AECOM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3602260 Combat Net Radio System Mature Support $27,830.48Department of Defence 2019-05-15 HARRIS COMMUNICATIONS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3601467 Aircraft spares $10,296.00Department of Defence 2019-06-04 AEROSPACE COMPOSITES PTY LTD
3507162-A3 Building Extension $881,062.64Department of Defence 2018-04-06 INTRACT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3601206 KBR Project Mercury $33,000.00Department of Defence 2019-06-14 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3601423 Valve $27,234.90Department of Defence 2019-06-05 BABCOCK PTY LTD
3472331-A1 Acquisition of Software and support $1,927,552.12Department of Defence 2017-11-20 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
3601470 Repairs to material handling machinery and equipment $32,024.45Department of Defence 2019-06-03 NTP PTY LTD