Contract Dashboard

3465586 Software Maintenance and Support $25,796.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-11-01 Data#3 Ltd
3464528 Communication Equipment $55,947.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-07-14 National Acoustic Laboratories
3465661 ICT Services $21,342.48Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-10-10 CDM Pty Ltd
2335532-A1 Research Project - Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems in the Eastern Gangetic Plains $9,699,761.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2014-06-17 International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre
3464946 Consultancy Services fee in respect of the market study of the communications sector. $13,200.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-10-18 Venture Insights Pty Ltd
3465513 Sydney Office refit - Head Construction Contractor $157,945.92Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-10-13 Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd
3465514 Infographics Design -2016/17 $14,096.50Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-10-20 DERRYN HEILBUTH COMMUNICATIONS PTY LIMITED T/a BWD
3465520 Tenant advisory services - Perth $27,500.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-04-10 THE TRUSTEE FOR CHESTERTON UNIT TRUST T/a Colliers internati
3413930-A3 Legal Services $1,000,000.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-03-20 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3466305 Software Maintenance and Support $32,285.55Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-10-31 WEBSECURE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD