Contract Dashboard

3472587-A2 Legal Services $124,992.50Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-11-17 Australian Government Solicitor
358778-A35 Provision of Centralised Computing (CC) Services. Novated 01.12.2016 to ENt Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 16 612 896 527 $1,491,546,866.99Australian Taxation Office 2010-12-17 Ent. Services Australia Pty Ltd
404751-A9 Provision of Multi Function Devices (MFDs), leasing, support and maintenance services $6,145,803.68Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2011-07-01 Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd
416014-A12 Provision of Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme(IAAAS) $2,270,556.92Department of Home Affairs 2011-08-01 CENTRE FOR ADVOCACY SUPPORT AND EDUCATION FOR REFUGEES INC
417385-A10 Provision of Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS) $1,412,464.38Department of Home Affairs 2011-08-01 MORCOS, JIMMY
450977-A6 114751 - Provision of Professional Services $31,550,836.51Department of Home Affairs 2011-11-05 Secon Freight Logistics Pty. Ltd.
465048-A3 114890 - Provision of Material Handling $4,640,549.12Department of Home Affairs 2012-02-20 QUBE LOGISTICS (AUSTRALIA) P/L
467083-A4 Provision and support for multifunction copiers $794,211.43Department of Finance 2011-10-06 Kyocera Mita Australia Pty Ltd
871801-A7 Provision of Printing, Mailhouse and Fulfilment Services $5,619,020.55Australian Electoral Commission 2012-08-31 Canprint Communications Pty Ltd
1950372-A18 ICT Services $3,384,228.60Department of Social Services 2013-12-20 Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd