Contract Dashboard

3462773 Project Jackstay network system design $16,099.46Department of Defence 2017-08-09 OOBE PTY LTD
3462774 Project JACKSTAY $33,759.00Department of Defence 2017-08-02 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3462778 Cadet One System Support $209,000.00Department of Defence 2017-08-08 CORDELTA
3462780 Satellite Communications Program Engineer Services $602,851.31Department of Defence 2017-06-10 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD
3462781 GEMS Project Management Office $1,716,000.00Department of Defence 2017-08-09 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3462783 Business/Enterprise Solution Archictecure Services $140,663.60Department of Defence 2017-06-23 SOUTHERN CROSS COMPUTING PTY LTD
3462785 SATCOM Contracts/Project Manager for Satellite Services $399,562.20Department of Defence 2017-08-07 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD
3462788 Business Support Services $1,100,000.00Department of Defence 2017-07-28 CORDELTA
3462790 Program Management Services $317,460.00Department of Defence 2017-08-06 POINT PROJECT MANAGEMENT
3462796 ICT System Administrators $56,606.12Department of Defence 2017-08-03 NETAPP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD