Contract Dashboard

3582677 Magnetron Weather Radar System - NSW#3 Radar $1,371,166.40Bureau of Meteorology 2019-03-29 Leonardo ES GmbH
3582680 Variable Costs - Magnetron Weather Radar Systems installation and commissioning at various sites $140,118.65Bureau of Meteorology 2019-04-01 Leonardo ES GmbH
3581671 MMT EQUIPMENT $14,025.82Department of Defence 2019-02-01 NIKON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3581673 Audio-Visual Support $182,891.50Department of Defence 2019-03-25 PRO-STAGE VICTORIA
3581674 ICT Mobility Proof of Concept $572,770.00Department of Defence 2019-04-01 PENTEN PTY LTD
3581675 CONTINGENCY EQUIPMENT $44,610.89Department of Defence 2019-04-01 SOUTHERN CROSS EQUIPMENT PTY LTD
3582905 Provision of security guarding services $63,130.00Australian Federal Police 2019-02-27 MSS Security Pty Limited
3582906 Provision of security guarding services $40,222.00Australian Federal Police 2019-03-27 MSS Security Pty Limited
3582908 Provision of survey services $119,999.00Australian Federal Police 2019-03-26 Woolcott Research Pty Ltd
3582910 Provision of interpreter services $19,800.00Australian Federal Police 2019-04-01 The Sarwar Group Pty Ltd