Contract Dashboard

3507519 Fit-out of Essendon Fields $831,301.90Australian Electoral Commission 2018-06-26 Shape Australia Pty Limited
3511092 By Election Property Lease $10,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-02 Perron Investments Pty Ltd
3419569-A1 2017-18 Independent Chair of the BAC $61,600.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-06-30 Morison Consulting Pty Limited
3292263-A1 Lease for office accommodation – NEEC $1,750,194.17Australian Electoral Commission 2015-09-11 Old Parliament House
3356294-A1 Lease for office accommodation - Division of Indi $161,476.23Australian Electoral Commission 2016-10-01 Palmcade Pty Limited as the Trustee for Bellingham Family Trust
3513753 Out Posted Centre - Braddon TAS $77,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-06-25 L. J. Ray & L. T. Ray
3513761 PPVC - Caboolture $12,100.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-05 Caboolture Investment Nominees Pty Limited
3443856-A2 Provision of legal services $29,649.44Australian Federal Police 2017-07-01 Ashurst Australia
3498948-A3 Provision of legal services - Consultanc $306,300.76Australian Federal Police 2017-06-29 Ashurst Australia
3484163-A1 Provision of legal services $48,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-02-08 Norman O' Bryan