Contract Dashboard

3476221-A1 Professional Recruitment Services $392,690.70IP Australia 2018-02-01 SLADE GROUP UNIT TRUST
3568002 Scanner $51,730.80National Archives of Australia 2019-01-29 CADGroup Australia Pty Ltd
3568223 Vulnerability Sanning - Tenable $383,253.34Geoscience Australia 2019-01-29 DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited
3449649-A1 Co-ordination of the entire relocation $314,316.02Geoscience Australia 2017-08-17 Relocation Laws Pty Ltd
3568674 Management Advisory Services $77,000.00IP Australia 2019-01-22 REASON GROUP PTY LTD
3568675 Temporary personnel services $10,835.00IP Australia 2018-10-01 Adelphi Digital Consulting Group Pty Ltd
3481496-A2 Professional Recruitment Services $289,520.00IP Australia 2018-02-01 Peoplebank Australia Pty Ltd
3566531 Property Services Coordinated Procurement to the Commonwealth of Australia $85,596.50Department of Defence 2019-01-14 JONES LANG LASALLE
3566533 Programming Support to Intercept Processing $80,800.02Department of Defence 2019-01-21 CONSILIUM TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3566538 Supply and install projector $16,845.40Department of Defence 2018-11-27 CRITICAL ROOM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD