Contract Dashboard

3571124-A1 Program design and development $320,058.00Australian Public Service Commission 2019-01-24 The Nous Group
3548784-A1 Contractor Fees $481,475.50Future Fund Management Agency 2018-10-25 Talent International (VIC) Pty Ltd
3589212 Contractor Fees $179,220.47Future Fund Management Agency 2019-04-01 Anton Murray Consulting Pty Ltd
3589094 Specialist Research and Technical Capability Services $494,560.00Geoscience Australia 2019-04-17 Spatial Information Systems Research Limited T/A FrontierSI
3589095 Legal Services - Contract Negotiations $15,213.99Geoscience Australia 2019-03-18 MINTER ELLISON T/A Minter Ellison
3589096 Licence Lot 9191 Alice Springs - Geomagnetic Site $159,285.50Geoscience Australia 2016-07-01 Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited
3590656 Project Management Services $24,677.95Australian Public Service Commission 2019-05-07 RPSPM Pty Ltd
3590659 Network switches $400,140.25Australian Public Service Commission 2019-05-01 Data#3 Pty Ltd
3590662 Video Conferencing Upgrade $133,612.36Australian Public Service Commission 2019-04-23 Fredon Industries Pty Limited
3590664 Printers $88,838.33Australian Public Service Commission 2019-04-16 Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd