Contract Dashboard

3591905 Military Equipment New Inventory $449,622.02Department of Defence 2019-05-01 THALES AUSTRALIA
3591906 Military Equipment Repairs $12,286.04Department of Defence 2019-05-01 THALES AUSTRALIA
3591908 Breathing Apparatus $40,199.17Department of Defence 2019-05-02 WILTRADING STACE DEFENCE PTY LTD
3592601 SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT $43,718.00Department of the Treasury 2019-05-10
3592604 Application implementation services $16,500.00Department of the Treasury 2019-05-13 STLP Consulting Pty Ltd
3500351-A3 Specialised warehousing and storage $120,000.00Department of the Treasury 2018-05-01 Balfran Removals Pty Ltd
3590777 Engagement of Assistant Director Clinical Coordination $332,980.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-04-08 Mars Recruitment
3590789 Planned support unit health support officer to visit clients and perform assessments and coordinate care. $90,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-02-26 TRADEWIND AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3590791 Towards Strategic Leadership 2019 training $21,450.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-05-07 AUS and NZ SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT
3590797 External Legal Advice $75,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2018-10-05 AUS GOV SOLICITOR(CENTRAL ACCOUNT)