Contract Dashboard

3544746 Security Architect $220,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-10-15 Clarius T/as Ignite
3544747 PMO Director $218,240.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-10-29 Robana Pty Ltd
3544750 Technical Advisor $201,344.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-10-15 Eurabbie Consulting
3544339 Contractor Fees $183,744.00Future Fund Management Agency 2018-09-24 Talent International (ACT) Pty Ltd
3544237 Emergency lighting defect rectification works $16,874.28Geoscience Australia 2018-10-02 Programmed Skilled Workforce Limited
3544667 Software Maintance and Support $73,843.00IP Australia 2018-09-25 Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
3498273-A1 Support Officer $165,312.00Digital Transformation Agency 2018-04-16 GMT Canberra Pty Ltd
3545482 Software maintenance $53,226.34Fair Work Commission 2018-12-05 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3545000 FWO - Website Refresh Project PRPO-457 2018-19 012 $97,900.00Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity 2018-10-03 Cordelta Digital
3545565 Priority-based budgeting $32,399.00Geoscience Australia 2018-08-15 Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd