Contract Dashboard

1664611-A6 Incoming Mail Screening and Sorting Services $1,082,644.84Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2013-07-08 Decipha Pty Ltd
2523561-A6 Base Services - National Program Services. $37,819,935.00Department of Defence 2014-07-10 DTZ PTY LTD
2253231-A3 MOU Between SA Police, the AFP and DIBP for policing services in response to incidents at IDC $4,939,235.84Department of Home Affairs 2014-03-07 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE
2442181-A2 Late maturity alpha-amylase:A molecular marker-based, high-throughput, precise screening protocol $3,523,568.40Grains Research and Development Corporation 2014-07-01 The University of Adelaide
1972171-A8 FMS Case $30,149,449.99Department of Defence 2013-12-10 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
2534851-A4 Provision of Field Services $170,000.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2014-07-01 Clear TV and Radio
2164542-A3 Publication, website and system maintenance $2,980,488.01Department of Health 2014-05-01 ALLETTE SYSTEMS (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD.
2129031-A7 Accommodation, Care, Welfare and Settlement Services for Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors $3,948,525.30Department of Home Affairs 2014-03-03 BAPTIST CARE (SA) INCORPORATED
2202601-A6 Provision of English Language Training for Foreign Immigration Officials $4,073,331.73Department of Home Affairs 2014-03-18 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
2636781-A8 New Staff Entitlements System (HRMIS) $2,287,500.48Australian Electoral Commission 2014-09-22 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd