Contract Dashboard

3522205-A1 Domestic Lease $26,729,894.36Department of Defence 2017-06-22 CANBERRA AIRPORT PTY LTD
3535118 Aircraft Spares. $17,041.20Department of Defence 2018-08-08 SOLVENTS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3535128 The purchase of military spares $13,361.04Department of Defence 2018-08-09 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3535781-A1 Legal Services $903,000.00Department of the Treasury 2017-08-24 Australian Government Solicitor
3537988 Procurement of Building Engineering Services $158,290.00Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) 2018-08-01 Lehr Consultants International (Australia) Pty Ltd
3537895 Software engineering and development services $33,660.00Australian Public Service Commission 2018-09-03 Senua Pty Ltd
3486198-A2 Training and Development Services $26,449.46Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-11-23 Bendelta Pty Ltd
3465685-A1 Temporary employee $144,934.61Australian Research Council 2017-10-23 Clarius
3444005-A1 For the provision of IT Contractor Services for IT Senior Project Manager for O365 Deployment Project. $476,059.32Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2017-07-18 PEOPLEBANK AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3529917-A1 consultancy for future planning $378,511.68Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-16 NOUS GROUP PTY LTD