Contract Dashboard

3464771 Radar Bearings $30,634.78Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-21 CGB Precision Products Pty Ltd
3464776 Pollen Monitoring $255,790.70Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-05 Queensland University of Technology
3464783 DOTAM AWS Project Siteworks $61,600.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-06 Carmila Plant Hire
3464785 Gas Line Maintenance $13,689.50Bureau of Meteorology 2017-10-17 Wight Water Environmental Pty Ltd
3454924-A1 Web development and technical support for Cancer Australia websites $39,457.00Cancer Australia 2017-08-23 Global Vision Media Pty Ltd
3465103 Collection of Australian paediatric stage data for 2006-2014 $239,921.00Cancer Australia 2017-10-06 Cancer Council Queensland
3465105 To conduct an evidence review on the risk factors for endometrial cancer with an emphasis on evidence from Australia and develop two reports. $89,100.00Cancer Australia 2017-09-22 Closed Loop Design
3465952 product list and hosting $27,500.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-11-01 AuSES
3465953 Audit of large-scale generation certificates $78,154.40Clean Energy Regulator 2017-10-23 Synergy Group Australia Limited
3464977 Training - Fundamentals of negotiating $25,767.50Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-10-27 Australian National University