Contract Dashboard

3581975 Repair Military Vehicle $118,160.83Department of Defence 2019-03-19 GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS AU
3581976 Vehicle Spare Parts $65,887.29Department of Defence 2019-03-19 MERCEDES-BENZ AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC
3581977 Nut Self Locking Hexagon - Brake Cylinder Assembly Cylinder Assembly Left. $300,647.72Department of Defence 2019-03-20 GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS AU
3581978 Valve Pneumatic. $59,290.00Department of Defence 2019-03-19 MARATHON TYRES PTY LIMITED
3583868 Supply of measuring instruments $65,285.22Department of Defence 2019-03-28 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3583869 Valve Diaphragm $24,652.72Department of Defence 2019-03-28 PENSKE POWER SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3583870 Locks and security hardware and accessories $51,312.80Department of Defence 2019-03-28 TOUCHPOINT TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3583871 Procurement of Military Spares $13,811.49Department of Defence 2019-03-28 AERO DEFENCE PTY LTD
3583872 Oil condition test kit $32,120.00Department of Defence 2019-03-28 OWEN INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3583873 Procurement of lifting/maintenance frame. $14,282.40Department of Defence 2019-03-28 G A GLANVILLE and CO