Contract Dashboard

3463050 Estate Information System Claim $17,600.00Department of Defence 2017-08-15 AUGILITY
3463051 Variation to Contract Administrator N2243B $61,270.31Department of Defence 2017-08-11 POINT PROJECT MANAGEMENT
3463053 Head Contract $1,786,396.30Department of Defence 2016-07-06 LEND LEASE BUILDING PTY LTD
3463054 Build Services $431,150.05Department of Defence 2017-08-08 ACCENTURE AUSTRALIA HOLDINGS
3463055 Offsite Storage Services $119,999.99Department of Defence 2017-08-15 THE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
3463057 Marine fuel $46,904.14Department of Defence 2017-08-10 VIVA ENERGY AUSTRALIA LTD
3463058 Ship Maintenance and Crewing Services for MV Sycamore $29,312,052.00Department of Defence 2017-08-10 TEEKAY SHIPPING (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3463064 Project Support Services $127,924.02Department of Defence 2017-08-09 SME GATEWAY PTY LTD
3463068 Computer equipment and accessories $19,604.85Department of Defence 2017-07-14 RUTLEDGE ENGINEERING AUST
3463069 Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment $10,017.70Department of Defence 2017-08-09 ELECTROBOARD SOLUTIONS PTY LTD