Contract Dashboard

3463707 Engineering assurance manager $306,914.85Department of Defence 2017-07-11 RELEGEN PTY LTD
3463708 Support services to support forward work plan $2,085,527.86Department of Defence 2016-10-12 ROB DOBSON & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD
3463748 Integrated Support Contract $46,515.10Department of Defence 2017-10-17 NOVA DEFENCE PTY LTD
3463750 Project Management for Security Requirements $1,591,541.44Department of Defence 2017-08-23 OMNI EXECUTIVE PTY LTD
3463754 Independent assessement of shipbuilding $278,565.08Department of Defence 2017-10-13 HASKONING DHV UK LIMITED
3463759 Systems Engineering and ICT Systems Architecture Support $532,823.45Department of Defence 2017-10-13 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3463760 Dynamic Environmental Path Loss Emulator $1,091,278.10Department of Defence 2017-10-13 MICREO LIMITED
3463764 Water Reticulation Systems - ELC150 and ELC500 $568,241.33Department of Defence 2017-10-12 GLOBAL DEFENCE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3463765 Negotiation Services $42,009.00Department of Defence 2018-03-30 SCOTWORK NEGOTIATING SKILLS
3463776 AFVS Poject Support $344,300.00Department of Defence 2017-10-10 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD