Contract Dashboard

3517822 Procurement of specialised AWD equipment $42,266.47Department of Defence 2018-06-12 H I FRASER PTY LTD
3517823 Test Kit $29,920.00Department of Defence 2018-06-12 OWEN INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3517824 Indicator filter warning $26,522.56Department of Defence 2018-06-12 SOFRACO ENGINEERING SYSTEMS PTY
3517825 Power sources $43,940.60Department of Defence 2018-06-12 DATA 3 LIMITED
3517826 Compressor $10,520.62Department of Defence 2018-05-07 WILTRADING STACE DEFENCE PTY LTD
3517832 Inverter power supply $22,595.25Department of Defence 2018-06-15 MERCEDES-BENZ AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC
3517833 Milling Machine $665,095.20Department of Defence 2018-06-15 600 MACHINE TOOLS PTY LTD
3517836 Lumber hardwood Dunnage $14,454.00Department of Defence 2018-06-12 NORTRUSS BUILDERS SUPPLIES
3517837 Repairs to Vehicle $16,442.71Department of Defence 2018-06-12 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3517838 Shelving Storage $12,724.80Department of Defence 2018-06-13 COMMERCIAL FOOD EQUIPMENT QLD PT