Contract Dashboard

3517748 Content writing for the redevloped OTA website $27,500.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-20 Oxide Interactive
3517321 CCTV Upgrade and Maintenance Services $670,227.68Old Parliament House 2018-06-19 Telstra SNP Monitoring Pty Ltd
3517847 Delivery of media monitoring services $49,430.26Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-26 iSentia Pty Limited
3517754 Warehousing and distribution services $55,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-22 National Mail and Marketing Pty Limited
3519683 Fortinet equipment maintenance $18,600.61Productivity Commission 2018-06-22 Layer 127 Pty Ltd
3517073 ARTISTIC SCRIPTS AND DESKTOP LICENCES $10,636.65Royal Australian Mint 2018-05-25 MY FONTS
3517074 SUPPLY AND INSTALL FLOORING $23,651.10Royal Australian Mint 2018-05-31 MASTER CARPETS
3517077 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM $12,650.00Royal Australian Mint 2018-06-05 BENESTAR GROUP PTY LTD
3517086 IT HARDWARE $27,847.71Royal Australian Mint 2018-06-07 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3517090 INDUSTRIAL PROCESS MACHINERY $14,916.00Royal Australian Mint 2018-06-12 CONSONIC PTY LTD