Contract Dashboard

3540329 Advertising Services - Wentworth by-election $24,904.73Australian Electoral Commission 2018-09-17 Universal McCann a division of Mediabrands Pty Ltd
3541463 Provision of security guarding services $37,934.17Australian Federal Police 2018-09-01 MSS Security Pty Limited
3541466 Provision of recruitment services $22,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-09-10 Amanda O'Rourke & Associates Pty Lt
3541469 Provision of health support services $80,686.10Australian Federal Police 2018-09-01 International SOS (Australasia) Pty
3541471 Supply of cameras $28,000.01Australian Federal Police 2018-09-03 BEMAC Security Pty. Limited
3541472 Supply of uniform $30,936.84Australian Federal Police 2018-08-20 Stewart & Heaton Clothing Co Pty Lt
3508599-A3 5220Provision of advisory services $522,079.49Australian Federal Police 2018-03-26 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
3522090-A1 Data Centre Services $2,659,530.59Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-07-01 Canberra Data Centres Pty Ltd
3541297 F5 Hardware $1,225,446.19Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-09-17 Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
3541298 Secure Internet Gateway Charges $1,080,803.52Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-06-20 Telstra