Contract Dashboard

3547611 Medical Equipment $239,422.04Department of Defence 2018-10-08 FUJIFILM SONOSITE AUSTRALASIA P*
3547613 Landing craft annual service part B tasks $16,563.80Department of Defence 2018-10-11 ROSSHAVEN MARINE
3547595 Liquid Level Switches. $12,073.60Department of Defence 2018-10-12 SEMRAD PTY LTD
3547596 Procurement of Filter Elements. $14,817.00Department of Defence 2018-10-12 BELLINGER INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD
3547597 Procurement of Metal Grilles. $62,931.26Department of Defence 2018-10-12 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PT
3547598 Service and Inspection of Watercraft MODE sets $16,043.39Department of Defence 2018-10-09 SCUBATEK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3547599 Purchase of Hose Couplings. $19,971.60Department of Defence 2018-10-09 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3547600 Purchase of Power Transformers. $11,620.40Department of Defence 2018-10-08 M BRODRIBB PTY LTD
3547605 Purchase of Receiver-Transmitter Radio $19,354.50Department of Defence 2018-10-10 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY
3546728 Project administration or planning $163,422.32Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-06-07 Meethaq Employment Agency