Contract Dashboard

3533045 Make Good Services $157,520.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-08-02 Dexus Property Group
2876702-A1 Provision of off-site tape management services $49,200.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-03-02 Iron Mountain Australia Pty Ltd
3529079 GNSB Services $72,300.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-30 Department of Finance
3444256-A3 Document Generator Plugin for Dynamics 365 $60,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-07-28 XR Elements Pty Ltd
3497247-A1 Lease accommodation - Divisions Casey, Chisholm, Deakin, Menzies $457,511.08Australian Electoral Commission 2018-10-01 Achermann Enterprises Pty Ltd atf Achermann Investment Trust
3489874-A1 Provision of legal services $44,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-03-07 Robert Craig
3447487-A1 Provision of laboratory accreditation $175,239.85Australian Federal Police 2017-07-03 National Association of Testing
3528457-A1 Provision of legal services $60,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-01 V Ahuja & Others T/As King & Wood
3534227 Provisions of software maintenance and support $19,800.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-01 RPS Australia West Pty Ltd
3534230 Provision of maintenance $15,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-08-14 Draeger Australia Pty Ltd