Contract Dashboard

3545977 fleet management licences $134,141.28Department of Defence 2018-10-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUST LTD - CONTRACTORS AREA
3545978 Maintenance & Repairs $39,425.76Department of Defence 2018-10-16 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD
3545979 Inspection Vehicles $39,425.76Department of Defence 2018-09-25 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD
3547317 Dashboard Rollout $92,759.80Department of Defence 2018-07-01 GRA SUPPLY CHAIN PTY LTD
3547322 Women, Voice, Leadership training $15,000.00Department of Defence 2018-10-18 ZEITGEIST COACHING AND TRAINING
3547306 Vehicle Spares $11,144.27Department of Defence 2018-10-17 PEARSON ENGINEERING LTD
3547308 Repair Vehicles $40,237.13Department of Defence 2018-01-24 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD
3547311 Arms and Ammunition accessories $22,745.27Department of Defence 2018-10-16 SCHMIDT U. BENDER GMBH & CO. KG OPTISCHE GERAETE
3547312 Pre inspection and maintenance $94,225.56Department of Defence 2018-10-18 NIOA TRADING
3547313 Supply of Specialist Military Equipment $106,660.40Department of Defence 2008-08-21 THALES