Contract Dashboard

3476627-A1 SDO088 Contractor Services. $51,163.20Department of Finance 2017-12-21 Hays Personnel Services
3456787-A1 Contractor services $159,202.56Department of Finance 2017-09-12 M & T Resources Pty Ltd
3425438-A5 Customer Relation Management System and Implementation Services $237,460.96Department of Finance 2017-04-28 Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd
3502528 Contractor services $118,268.60Department of Finance 2018-03-23 Gillian Beaumont Legal
3502529 SDO088 Aurawan Homan $38,237.76Department of Finance 2018-02-09 Hays Personnel Services
3502531 Security assessment $23,925.00Department of Finance 2018-04-30 Cordelta Pty Ltd
3439744-A1 Contractor services Aurec SON867801 $338,844.00Department of Finance 2017-06-30 Aurec Pty Ltd
3500600 Intra government network services Civil works upgrade of pit at Dairy Flat $10,070.50Department of Finance 2018-04-21 Wavelength Pty Ltd
3500602 GovCMS8 Base Theme Build $66,000.00Department of Finance 2018-03-21 Morpht Pty Ltd
3500603 Software development services $27,596.87Department of Finance 2018-04-17 ASG Group Limited