Contract Dashboard

3453919 Software service $23,100.61Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-09-01 Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd
3454855 Research Project: Assessing production of giant freshwater prawns in reservoirs in Sri Lanka $274,437.90Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2017-10-01 James Cook University
3455063 licences & IP phones $39,023.16Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-09-13 Communications Design & Management
3409982-A2 Provision for Labour Hire Service $199,937.68Australian Taxation Office 2017-03-14 LISANT PEOPLE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3455013 G_Case work in project and Pharmaceutical Cluster work $45,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-07-01 NERA SAS
3454924 Web development and technical support for Cancer Australia websites $36,531.00Cancer Australia 2017-08-23 Global Vision Media Pty Ltd
3454994 To provide the Australian community with up-to-date evidence-based information on population screening and early detection of ovarian cancer in asymptomatic women, and surveillance of women at high or potentially high risk of ovarian cancer. $46,282.50Cancer Australia 2017-09-07 Closed Loop Pty Ltd
3452189 Fire Isolation Services $14,300.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-08-22 Wormald Australia Pty Ltd
3451855 Lubricating oil $24,011.68Department of Defence 2017-07-25 BP OIL
3452026 Audit services in relation to WH&S accreditation $11,287.06Department of Employment 2017-07-27 AUSSAFE CONSULTING P/L