Contract Dashboard

3541022 Deed Administration Officer $87,000.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-09-18 HUDSON GLOBAL RESOURCES (AUST) PTY
3541023 RED Support Contractors $170,000.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-09-06 Hays
3541024 Temporary Personnel $40,000.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-09-14 FIRST PEOPLE RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS
3541025 Virtualisation Platform Review and Architecture $115,258.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-09-17 BUSINESS ASPECT
3541192 Technical Support for torpedos $2,362,968.05Department of Defence 2015-06-24 JPO PROJECT PAMMANDI CBASS EMBASSAY
3541201 Working at heights platform $90,376.00Department of Defence 2018-09-19 NO BOLT OPERATIONS PTY LTD
3541205 Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection Elements $421,658.44Department of Defence 2018-09-14 CRAIG INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS PTY LTD
3541244 Works and testing as a component of RTG synthesiser update. $84,767.10Department of Defence 2018-09-04 MELLORI SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3541248 Satelite Services.. $1,292,091.26Department of Defence 2014-10-30 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3499433-A2 Satellite communication capability support $31,227,433.62Department of Defence 2017-11-24 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD