Contract Dashboard

3489825 FHIR profile development $96,525.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-01-08 Oridashi
3489290 Labour Hire $80,080.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-02-05 Wirrigan Group Pty Ltd
3489352 Uploading of Pathology Reports to MyHealth Record $52,800.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-02-21 BMCAA Pty Ltd
3489848 Provision of uninterrupted power supply $12,974.50Australian Federal Police 2018-02-28 Natural Power Solutions Pty Ltd
3489849 Provision of search services $10,080.29Australian Federal Police 2018-03-01 Optus Billing Services Pty Limited
3489850 Provision of education and training service $36,850.00Australian Federal Police 2018-03-02 Pacific Suites Canberra
3489851 Provision of training $11,150.00Australian Federal Police 2018-03-05 Adactin Group Pty Ltd
3489852 Supply of security equipment $10,230.00Australian Federal Police 2018-02-14 Advanced Microsystems Design
3489853 Provision of electrical and security services $10,609.50Australian Federal Police 2018-03-07 Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd
3489854 Provision of venue hire $50,909.20Australian Federal Police 2018-02-27 IBT Wizard Pty Ltd