Contract Dashboard

3477034 Desktops $128,275.63Department of Defence 2017-12-11 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3477035 F5 Licences $107,065.55Department of Defence 2017-12-11 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3477040 Advisory Services $109,422.50Department of Defence 2017-12-08 ENTH DEGREE PTY LIMITED
3477044 Lead Negotiator to support negotiations for the Naval Shipbuilding Project $160,050.00Department of Defence 2017-12-13 SCOTWORK NEGOTIATING SKILLS
3477047 Computer Equipment and Accessories $15,137.85Department of Defence 2017-11-29 NTT COM ICT SOLUTIONS (AUSTRALIA)
3477054 3 x Cisco 3850 12 Port Switches - AAD and Moore Street $75,361.45Department of Defence 2017-12-12 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3477056 GROUND FUEL $895,924.26Department of Defence 2017-12-12 BP COMMERCIAL
3477057 GROUND FUEL $639,838.98Department of Defence 2017-12-12 BP COMMERCIAL
3477058 Computer servers $378,749.53Department of Defence 2017-12-12 HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE
3477061 Capability Definition Document writer $303,613.99Department of Defence 2017-12-12 DELOITTE