Contract Dashboard

3449672 Fitout Design, PM, Goods and Services $44,770.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-08-22 IA Group Pty Ltd
3290256-A1 Provision of records management services $4,732,378.38Australian Federal Police 2015-08-28 Converga Pty Ltd
3450854 Supply of computer servers $109,301.50Australian Federal Police 2017-08-23 Dell Australia Pty Limited
3450855 Provision of relocations services $14,960.00Australian Federal Police 2017-08-17 Absolute Cabling Systems Pty Ltd
3450856 Supply of desktop computers $44,698.50Australian Federal Police 2017-08-21 Dell Australia Pty Limited
3450857 Supply of canine supplies - estimated spend $110,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-08-21 Provet Pty Ltd
3450859 Provision of security guarding services $68,882.78Australian Federal Police 2017-08-21 MSS Security Pty Limited
3450860 Supply and installation of workstations $26,551.80Australian Federal Police 2017-07-28 Baseline Commercial Furniture (ACT)
3450861 Provision of training services $94,380.00Australian Federal Police 2017-08-16 New Intelligence
3450863 Provision of forensic accountant services $50,000.01Australian Federal Police 2017-08-07 BDO Corporate Finance (WA) Pty Ltd